Discount Fuel Buyers

Benifits & Savings

At Discount Fuel Buyers, we understand that fuel costs can be a significant burden for small businesses. That’s why we offer a unique solution that leverages group buying to provide access to discounted fuel rates. By joining DFB, businesses can enjoy the following benefits:

Lower fuel costs

By pooling their fuel purchases with other SMB’s, businesses can access the same discounted rates that large companies enjoy. This translates to significant savings on fuel costs, which can make a big difference to the bottom line.

Predictable fuel costs

By prepaying monthly fuel purchases, businesses can plan and budget for their fuel costs. This helps to eliminate surprises and ensures that businesses can stay on track financially.

Improved cash flow

By reducing their fuel costs, businesses can improve their cash flow and reinvest the savings into other areas of their business.

Access to resources

DFB members have access to a range of resources and support, including industry news and updates, helpful tips and insights, and customer support from our team.

No Contracts • Cancel Anytime • 45 Second Signup Process

So, how much can businesses expect to save by joining DFB? The exact savings will depend on a variety of factors, including the size of the business, the amount of fuel they use, and the current fuel rates in their area. However, we can provide a general breakdown of the savings potential.

For example, if a business uses 20,000 litres of fuel per month and is able to access a discount of 20 cents per litre through DFB, they would save $4,000 per month or $48,000 per year on fuel costs. After taking into account the DFB membership fee of 10% of annual fuel savings ($4,800 in this case), the business would still be left with a net savings of $43,200 per year. These savings can add up quickly, making a big difference to the financial health of a small business.

Join Discount Fuel Buyers today and start enjoying the benefits of discounted fuel rates and improved cash flow!

Membership Fees: 10% of savings paid monthly Once A Contract Is Negotiated

A Saskatoon member is purchasing 36,000 liters /year, saving .25/liter on regular gas = $9,000/year or $750/month. Membership is $75/month

A Miami member is purchasing 15,000 gallons of diesel, saving .95/gallon = $14,250/yr & 5,000 gallons of regular gas @ $1.13/gallon = $5,650/yr. Total savings = 19,900/yr or $1,658/month vs membership fee of $165.83/month

Halifax Retail Customer purchasing 3200 liters/year, saving .38/liter = $1216.00/yr. or $101.33/month. Membership is $10.13/month

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